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to investigate. in washington i'm randall pinkston, back to you, derek. >> speaking at the university of denver last month broadwell said the cia had detainees in benghazi and that is what sparked the attack. the cia says not. so president obama did sign an order in 2009 outlawing those operations. >>> our health alert tonight, a new study suggests moms that get sick with a flu or any kind of illness that causes fever during pregnancy maybe at higher risk of having a child with autism. the news makes prenatal checkups all the more important. >> i do everything i cannot to get sick. >> reporter: this new mother knows it's important to stay healthy for herself and her unborn baby. a new study suggests that children born to a mother who gets very sick with flu or fever during pregnancy may have increased chance of being autistic. the danish study looked at nearly 97,000 children and found kids had twice the risk of being diagnosed with autism before age 3 if their mom got the flu. the risk increased three fold it the mother had a fever more than a week while pregnant. >> common sense would say it
in a custody battle. even though david petraeus resigned lawmakers returning to washington want the hear what he has to -- to hear what he has to say about the giddily attack on the -- deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >> i think it's absolutely imperative that general petraeus come and testify. >> reporter: some congressional leaders have also called for a joint house senate probe into the petraeus scandal. the white house says the president was surprised to hear about the petraeus investigation. and the president thinks highly of general allen's work in afghanistan. in washington, danielle nottingham, anita back to you. >> the details just keep coming. thanks danielle. the fbi is preparing a timeline for congress about the investigation that led to the discovery of the affair involving petraeus. some lawmakers have said they should have known about this earlier. coming up in just a few minutes we're going to hear from the "washington post" editor who helped write the petraeus book with broadwell. >>> we've got some breaking news on a major announcement by d.c. schools chancellor
. >>> and moving the election over, lawmakers turn their attention to the looming fiscal clip. in washington with the story coming up. >>> every day in one form or another, we face challenges. and the purpose of the local news organization is to better equip us to face the challenges. by tracking the important events and saying they unfold. alerting us to the information that we will need, when and where we need it. protecting us from those who may not always have the best interest at heart. preparing us for the days ahead. and don't face the life challenges alone. 9news, they will be everywhere you need us to be. >>> there is a bit of a potential showdown brewing between the white house and capitol hill. not the first time either. they will go back to washington next tuesday and they won't have any time to wait. >> other else we all face automatic spending cut tax increases that threaten to endanger the economy. they spent the day on capitol hill. >> now that the election is done, lawmakers are scrambling to avoid that dreaded fiscal clip and the deadline is coming fast. >> the congressiona
to washington after a bitter battle to win a second term. he used his victory speech to reach out to the other side. >> in the weeks ahead i also look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. >> reporter: mitt romney also called for compromise. >> in a time like this we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. >> reporter: voters put president obama back in the white house, but they also chose a divided congress recreating the same recipe for gridlock. democrats are hanging onto the senate where majority leader harry reid says he'll work with republicans but won't let them push him around. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it's better to work together. everything doesn't have to be a fight. >> reporter: republicans are keeping control of the house and speaker john boehner is standing his ground. >> the american people this week did give us a man date to simply do the simple thing. they elected us to lead. they gave us a mandate to
200 some flights, causing ripple effects throughout the system. again a big deal here in washington as this will be a united hub and really for the frequent travelers, it is almost impossible to do business in this region without using united at some point during the year. they say they are still working on it. reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. >> i guess they have a few more days to figure it out, >> yeah. >>> and still ahead tonight, a behind-the-scenes look at the military men and women who will be planning that upcoming inauguration in january. >>> well the clouds kind of hang tough today. we'll let you know when the clouds go away with an updated forecast for your weekend. >>> but coming up next, some say a lot of families don't realize. we'll tell you about the high stakes for families if the u.s. economy goes over the fiscal cliff. >>> president obama will work with republicans to avoid the fiscal cliff, the automatic spending cuts and tax hikes that could take effect in the start of the new year. but he's standing by his commitment to raise taxes for those making more
in their homes. >> as the hardship continues, the giving continues here in the washington area. all kinds of people and organizations are doing what they can to help sandy's many victims. >> the support for this initiative has been spectacular. >> as president of aol ventures, john broad is responsible for the global innovation efforts. >> this truck will be going to new jersey. >> today he was responsible for the company's efforts to help ease the suffering of thousands of victims of hurricane sandy. >>> under his direction, hundreds of aol employees in virginia spent the day today loading up 18 wheeler with water and diapers and other essential items. all of which will be used by sandy's victims in new york and new jersey. >>> about 20 miles away, the relief efforts continued today at the city of fairfax police department. >> i have friends within pd. >> collecting food and clothing for hurricane sandy victims. and trying to get it all to the new york area before expected noreaster hits the area sometime mid week. >> when tragedy hits, we're ready to help. and we want to help. >> also t
from the last recession, but washington was not as harshly impacted as other parts of the country because federal spending kept people employed here, but now ironically instead of our salvation that, connection could be a curse. schools in northern virginia could take a hit if virginia cuts budgets to offset the fiscal cliff. governor mcdonnell's office directed agencies to identify potential cuts of 4%. 14% of the fairfax county school budget comes from the state. drainsville supervisor john foust says any cut to that would hurt. >> we're going to be concerned about any cut in funding given how tight our budget is, especially given the fact we feel the state is underfunding us now. >> reporter: like the state, fairfax county has asked its departments to also prepare for the fiscal cliff and look for 5% in savings, but the biggest threat to the schools and the northern virginia economy is sequestration. economists predict up to a half a million jobs could be loss in the d.c. area that. would lead to vacant buildings and a sharp decline in commercial real estate taxes which is a m
opened in mount vernon. the voters hat washington -- at washington mill elementary school were joined by republican candidate george allen. allen used the opportunity to do some last-minute campaigning in the critical and closely watched race. despite the initial long wait voters were not deterred. >> it took me about 30 seconds to actually vote. but it took me about an hour to get through the line. >> we just stood in line for an hour and a half to make sure we cast our vote. that's what it means to us. >> democrat tim kaine cast his ballot this morning in richmond. that's where candidates mt. most extense -- in the most expensive race in the senate will spend the night. >>> in maryland they were busy getting out the vote and while state officials say turnout is good there were some questionable facebook postings. bruce leshan is live with that part of the election story from the harbor today. >> we're live in national harbor because this is the headquarters for the yes on question 7 folks and they too are hoping to have a big old victory party here. that is the casino question. the
-year-old woman was flown to washington hospital center. investigators now trying to determine why the car left the road in the first place. >> the house committee is investigating the recent deadly meningitis out break that's killed 32 people across the country and made more than 440 others ill. >> the owner of the new england compound implicated in the out break appeared before the panel as did one of the widows of the victims. >> the owner of the company linked to the deadly fungal out break refused to answer questions on capitol hill. >> what explanation can you give to families who have lost their loved ones? >> i decline to answer on the base of my consty constitutional rights. >> the out break killed 32 people and sickened more than 400 others in 19 states. one of those victims was judge eddie lovelass whose widow came to the hearing looking for answers. >> and i've come here begging you to do something about the matter. >> the out break is slowing down with fewer cases being reported. 14,000 people are thought to have been exposed. >> the company had a well documented histo
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9